Benefiting 3 Domestic Violence Shelters in Metro Detroit: First Step, Haven and Turning Point


Project Beautiful - Inside and Out is proud this Mother's Day to more than double our reach from Mother's Day 2016!  We supported three domestic violence shelters in Metro Detroit - First Step in Wayne County, Haven in Oakland County, and Turning Point in Macomb County!

We contributed in four ways:

  • Mother's Day Brunch for the 150 moms and children at the three shelters.  Special thanks to:
    • Turning Point - Debbie Parent for leading and coordinating efforts, and Michalene Grifka for preparing and donating the brunch!
    • Haven - Meghan Johnson for leading and coordinating efforts, and Leo's Coney Island- White Lake and Waterford  (Jim Christopher) for donating the brunch!
    • All the volunteers that helped set up and serve brunch!
  • Gift bags for the 65 moms at the three shelters valued at $100 each.  Special thanks to:
    • Jane Cosmetics that donated cosmetics gift sets, 
    • Lisa Sikorski Formosa for donating and organizing sponsors for 71 Origami Owl charm necklaces,
    • Lisa Darrah and friends for donations of bags from Thirty-One! 
    • Board Member Natasha Milosavlevski for leading the donation and gift bag organization process and to all the volunteers that helped!
    • Board Member Allison Martin for hosting our Panties in a Bunch Brunch to collect items for the gift bags and needs lists.
  • The following Needs List items distributed evenly amongst the three shelters:
    • 40 Bras , 145 Panties, 100+ pairs of kids socks 
    • Much needed African-American hair care products including: 45 Shampoo/conditioner sets , 37 Hair masks/oil , 58 Hair brushes/combs, 24 Hair caps/bonnets, 200 hairs ties, 1271 bobby pins
    • 841 diapers and 14+ boxes of baby wipes 
    • 1000+ feminine hygiene products + 25 deodorants 
    • 48 packages of Swedish Coffee and 96 packages of Swedish Tea donated by Scandinavian House of Brands
    • plus more!!
  • $1500 donation to each shelter for project of their choice:
    • First Step - to go towards repairs and beautification projects
    • Haven - to go towards pet shelter to be built on-site
    • Turning Point - to fund raised garden beds to teach the children where food comes from

Mother's Day is one of the most important days of the year for Project Beautiful - Inside and Out.  We are looking forward to doing even more in 2018!