May 3, 2015 at The Moffatt Home

Benefiting COTS (Coalition on Temporary Shelter) in Detroit

On May 3, 2015, Project Beautiful - Inside and Out hosted its inaugural event -- a "Panties in a Bunch Brunch" -- at the beautiful home of Board President, Debbie Moffatt and her husband, Corey.  

Collected and donated to the residents of COTS (Coalition on Temporary Shelter) in Detroit: 

  • 30 bra/panty gift sets,

  • 6900 tampons/pads/liners,

  • 3900 diapers/wipes,

  • 800 pairs of socks/underwear,

  • 500 oz. of formula and

  • 6 large bins of toiletries.

We also sponsored and fed dinner and ice cream desserts to 100 COTS residents.

THANK YOU to everyone who participated and donated!!